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An organization that is building a public or private network of wireless access points


An individual or organization with rights to install wireless access points on a property on behalf of an operator

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Latest News

Visual Line-of-Sight (LOS) in Photorealistic 3D Map View

Visual Line-of-Sight (LOS) in Photorealistic 3D Map View

Airwaive recently updated our line-of-sight toolset to include new functionalities. With a few clicks, you can now view potential point-to-point (PTP) obstructions with our recent integration with Google’s Photorealistic 3D tiles. Or simply enter two geopoints...

Now With 3M+ Fiber-Ready Poles

Now With 3M+ Fiber-Ready Poles

Airwaive recently added over 3 million fiber-ready utility poles to our host database. As a complement to towers & rooftops, poles can provide even greater coverage. Furthermore, the average lease for poles is considerably lower than that of rooftop and towers.2D...