Upload Properties

Instructions to bulk upload properties to Airwaive.


Step 1 – Download Template

Download either the XLS  version or CSV version of the template.
Note: You must upload as CSV. XLS version is provided for data entry but needs to be converted.

Step 2 – Add Data to Template

Begin entering property information on the second line, replacing the sample data. See Data Fields for information about how to populate each field.


Homes, condos, apartment buildings, etc.


Offices, retail, warehouses and more. Any building owned by a company or organization.

Geopoint Structures

Towers, poles and other vertical assets that do not have a physical address use geopoints instead.

Step 3 – Upload

Follow these steps to upload:

  1. Save your file in CSV format (if it is in Excel format)
  2. Log into Airwaive’s host app and select Properties.
  3. Select Add Properties and select the choice to Bulk Upload.


Need Help?

If you need any assistance creating an account or loading a file, contact us.