MLO Accounts

Multi-location owners (MLOs) are a person or entity with rights to install wireless radio equipment on multiple properties. MLOs have the same requirements as hosts, but have two or more addresses associated with a single payment account.   


Follow these instructions to load multiple addresses into Airwaive: 

Step 1

Login or register for an Airwaive account. 

Step 2

Multiple properties are loaded into Airwaive’s waitlist using a correctly formatted spreadsheet of address data. There are three spreadsheet options to choose from below. Select the one that applies to you, and then download the sample file.  Begin entering address information on the second line, replacing the sample data. Continue adding addresses on new rows until all addresses are populated in the spreadsheet.


Download Sample File

Use for residential home addresses only. Complete address and Internet provider information.


Download Sample File

Use for commercial addresses only.
Complete address information. Internet provider information and answer questions
(if known)

Geo Points

Download Sample File

Use for structures without addresses using geo points (latitude / longitude).
Complete lat/long. Internet provider information and answer questions
(if known)

Step 3

When logged into the Airwaive Host App, choose the Waitlist menu option in the left side navigation.  If a contact appears in the waitlist page, choose Upload and follow the instructions to load the spreadsheet file from Step 2.  The email address in the contact will be the one that is notified of an operator offer when there is a match with an address in the list. 

Need Help?

If you need any assistance creating an account or loading a file, contact us.

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