What You Do

Simply host wireless access radios on your property and keep them powered and connected to the internet per agreed-upon requirements.

What You Get

Hosts that receive an offer and are officially accepted through the Airwaive platform will earn monthly income for the duration of the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a host?

You must have rights to install wireless radio equipment at a specified address and property location. Next, an Airwaive operator selects the equipment and reviews the requirements with potential hosts. Once the operator and host agree on terms through the Airwaive platform, the operator will handle the installation and proper functioning of the equipment. After that, the host simply needs to keep the equipment connected to a power supply and internet connection.

What is the process of becoming a host?

Hosts must match the requirements from an Airwaive Operator, including the address and space available to host their equipment. If you have not accepted an offer from an operator, you are on the waitlist and can remove your information at any time. Furthermore, you do not have to accept offers from operators. It is your decision. But once you accept an offer from an operator to host a wireless access point, you are committed to the terms of the contract.

Is hosting wireless equipment dangerous?

Airwaive only supports small cell equipment that has been tested and approved by wireless carriers and governments. Information about the potential health impact of 5G devices is highlighted in this blog post.

Do I need to purchase any equipment?

For most projects, you will have the opportunity to negotiate whether you want to purchase the equipment or have the operator purchase it. For the current opportunity in Torrance, California, the host does not need to purchase any equipment.