Passive Income for Property Owners

Property owners can rent out their rooftops by hosting 5G access points. Similar to Airbnb’s model, Airwaive collects payments from network operators and provides hosts with monthly passive income. Enter an address below to confirm current availability.

Sample Images of 5G Small Cells

5G small cells are a more powerful version of the wireless routers used in our homes. Occasionally, 5G macro cells are used; they are typically 6-foot tall and placed on rooftops.

Sample 5G small cell equipment
Sample 5G small cell equipment
Sample 5G small cell

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a host?

You must have rights to install wireless radio equipment at a specified address and property location. Next, an Airwaive operator selects the equipment and reviews the requirements with potential hosts. Once the operator and host agree on terms through the Airwaive platform, the operator will handle the installation and proper functioning of the equipment. After that, the host simply needs to keep the equipment connected to a power supply and internet connection.

What is the process of becoming a host?

Hosts must match the requirements from an Airwaive Operator, including the address and space available to host their equipment. If you have not accepted an offer from an operator, you are on the waitlist and can remove your information at any time. Furthermore, you do not have to accept offers from operators. It is your decision. But once you accept an offer from an operator to host a wireless access point, you are committed to the terms of the contract.

How much can I earn as a host?

The typical monthly income for hosting 5G small cells is in the hundreds of dollars. For larger macro cells, it is often in the thousands of dollars. Payments are usually paid on a fixed day each month once operators validate that all host requirements have been met.

Can I become a host at multiple properties?

Yes. First, submit all property addresses onto our waitlist. When operators are ready to make an offer, you will receive an email notification to view the offers on the Airwaive Platform. Each property and offer will be treated independently.

When is Airwaive expanding to my country?

Airwaive is launching first in the US and Canada, ensuring regulatory conditions are met. Soon after, likely in Q3 2022, we will finalize plans to expand internationally. Once finalized, we will provide details in the monthly Airwaive Host newsletter.

When will I be able to mine for tokens? 

The Mainnet launch is estimated to be in Q4 2022. As we surpass milestones in the Testnet phase, we will be able to provide a more definitive timeline for the official launch. Once launched, mining will be available for hosts with approved offers by operators.

Is hosting wireless equipment dangerous?

Airwaive only supports small cell equipment that has been tested and approved by wireless carriers and governments. Information about the potential health impact of 5G devices is highlighted in this blog post.

Do I need to purchase any equipment?

For most projects, the Host can decide whether or not to purchase the equipment in exchange for a higher monthly income. In many cases, like the recent opportunity in Torrance, no purchase is necessary.

Who is Airwaive and what are they doing?

Airwaive partners with network operators to lower internet costs. With 5G technology, we have a seamless process to install small wireless equipment on rooftops to enhance signal coverage to local areas. Our mission is to bridge the digital divide via cheaper internet options for consumers and passive income for hosts.

Are all transactions and payments done online?

Inspired by Airbnb’s online marketplace model, Airwaive uses a host-operated radio model to remove some of the barriers of 5G small cell deployments, making it faster and cheaper to launch wireless networks. Under Airwaive’s approach, some of the traditional processes are automated and controlled by operators and hosts.