Airwaive at Wispapalooza

Wispapalooza – the wireless conference with perhaps the coolest name in the industry – is coming up soon.  Join Airwaive and wireless ISPs (WISPs) at the event from October 11 to 14, 2021 in Las Vegas.  Yes… it’s in person!  

Our highlight and focus for the show is Airwaive’s recently announced Site Planner product, now available for free for network operators who are in the planning stages of their networks.  For more information about Site Planner, or to schedule time with Airwaive at Wispapalooza, utilize our handy Calendly meeting maker.


IoT and Marketplace Sessions

 Our CEO, Jeff Yee, will be speaking at two different sessions at Wispapalooza.  Learn about how IoT is evolving and how WISPs can build new revenue streams from connected devices and services.  Learn about how marketplaces are transforming industries, including wireless, to scale networks and reduce costs. 

These events will both take place on the Tuesday of the event:

  • Two-Sided Marketplaces: Transforming Wireless – October 12, 3:00pm to 4:00pm.
  • IoT and How WISPs can Monetize their Assets – October 12, 4:30pm to 5:30pm.


About Airwaive

Globally, millions of new wireless access points are needed to expand networks for mobile operators and WISPs.  Airwaive is an online marketplace, connecting network operators with home and business owners that host wireless access points, allowing operators to rapidly expand while lowering their site acquisition and site management costs.  Airwaive’s operator and host apps guide each party through the process of claiming, installing and hosting access points – all online.   

Here’s a helpful video that explains the process…



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