Airwaive Signs Strategic Partnership with Shaurrya Teleservices to Expand 5G Broadband Network in India

India, August 22nd, 2022 : Airwaive today announced an international strategic partnership with Shaurrya Teleservices (STS) to jointly develop 5G wireless networks in India to help telecommunications operators spearhead 5G technology across the country. As India prepares to develop next-gen 5G services, the country’s local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are in a race to build and deploy 5G infrastructure to bring better and more affordable connectivity to their customers.

Airwaive’s platform is a marketplace for property owners to make their properties available for renting to wireless and IoT operators giving them seamless services along with rental revenue. This also enables ISPs to identify and create new wireless access points to reach underserved markets. Airwaive has invested years of development in proprietary tools which streamline an ISPs network planning and site acquisition, allowing wireless ISPs to realize tangible savings in both budget and time to market.

As part of the partnership, STS’s management, with decades of experience, will provide access to tools, channels and market insights to showcase Airwaive’s technology and platform to operators across the country. Airwaive will work with STS to offer a seamless path to Airwaive’s advanced 5G network platform and continue to support its customers and business partners in the country. This joint collaboration will unlock the full potential of 5G infrastructure, bridge the digital divide, and bring affordable Internet services to the massive population in India while also giving an opportunity for everyone to make their properties available to ISPs for additional source of revenue.

The key to a successful 5G implementation is the ability of wireless and IoT operators to use new models to build networks, now requiring four times more cell sites than the total number of sites built in the last 25 years of mobility. This quick rise in the number of cell sites needed for 5G highlights the necessity of 5G wireless network solutions like Airwaive for this ever-growing market.

“Shaurrya Teleservices (STS) intends to build Infrastructure of Trust (IOT) for the successful implementation of Internet of Things in India on a build, operate and lease model. STS understands the need for reliable infrastructure, understands health concerns of the people of India and is committed to social responsibility by building green infrastructure,” said Mahesh Choudhary, CEO of Shaurrya Teleservices (STS). “Our partnership with Airwaive is very exciting as this gives us a chance to launch a very unique globally accepted technology in India which will give everyone an opportunity to participate in the growth of 5G networks and web3.”

“5G will bring tremendous opportunities for wireless operators in India, not just for mobile phones but for the next generation of IoT services and fixed wireless,” said Jeff Yee, CEO of Airwaive. “With 5G and fixed wireless, speeds are now fast enough to have broadband Internet connectivity into homes throughout India.”


About Shaurrya Teleservices

Shaurrya Teleservices Private Limited is a company building reliable infrastructure from rooftop, ground-based or in-building sites as an independent host, giving a ready infrastructure to expand their networks for not only mobile operators like Jio, Vodafone/Idea and Airtel, but also to all enterprises wanting to building a seamless infrastructure for providers of Internet and complete Internet of Things solutions. STS is committed to expand its network on a pan-India scale from urban to rural infrastructure.

About Airwaive

Airwaive connects wireless service providers with home and business owners who earn income operating wireless access points in their neighborhoods. Airwaive provides the tools and incentives for the components of a decentralized wireless network to thrive, offering internet service providers, hosts and validators the resources and motivation to build and scale the internet using wireless technology to reach everyone on the planet. Airwaive’s mission is not complete until 100% of the world has affordable access to broadband internet.

Media Contact: Claire Zhang



August 22, 2022

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