Enhancing Competitive Intelligence and Customization with Visualize

In the dynamic landscape of the telecom industry, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Airwaive, a leading player in this field, has recently unveiled two exciting updates that are set to empower its users with cutting-edge capabilities.

Competitive Intelligence Unveiled

Airwaive’s Host App now introduces a powerful Competitive Intelligence feature that allows users to gain valuable insights into their competitive landscape. Leveraging publicly available data from two key sources – the FCC and crowdsource data – this feature provides a comprehensive view of nearby competitors.

For users in the United States, the FCC data opens up a treasure trove of information. With over 140,000 towers and structures cataloged in the database, users can effortlessly query any location in the US to discover nearby competitors. What sets Airwaive apart is its ability to estimate which operators are available on each structure, offering a holistic perspective on the competitive environment.

The crowdsource data, sourced from Android phones through the Open Cell ID project, further enhances this intelligence. With more than 20 million data points at its disposal, Airwaive estimates structure locations, reports wireless operators, and identifies radio types.

To unlock this feature’s potential, users can access the Host App (a corporate account is required). Simply navigate to the “Search Competitors” option, click “Show Competitors,” and choose between the FCC or Open Cell ID options. Your structures are highlighted in green, while competitors are displayed in black and white.

FCC Real View

Tailored Customization with Visualize

For those interested in harnessing Airwaive’s AI technology, Visualize, there’s exciting news. A new option now allows users to tailor the Visualize widget to suit their specific needs. This includes configuring branding elements, enabling specific features, and defining entry and exit pages.

Accessing this customization feature is straightforward, but it does require an API key. With this newfound flexibility, Airwaive users can fine-tune Visualize to align seamlessly with their unique requirements. It’s a game-changer for those seeking a more personalized and tailored experience.

If you missed the initial announcement about Visualize and its capabilities, there’s a comprehensive video available to catch you up to speed. It’s an opportunity to explore the potential of Visualize and how it can drive innovation in the telecom sector.

Visualize Widget Configurator



September 19, 2023

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