Introducing Terrence Howard

We’re very fortunate to have actor and Academy Award-nominee Terrence Howard as an Airwaive ambassador, helping us on our journey to bring broadband speed Internet to those that don’t have it, and to help make it more affordable for those that do.  We call it decentralizing the last mile of the Internet.  We’re using wireless to reach homes that don’t have broadband speed access to the Internet.  We’re adding competition which ultimately reduces prices.  And you can hear the enthusiasm and passion from Terrence in the latest video we created to explain our Airwaive mission.

Decentralized Wireless Networks

Check out our latest video explaining decentralized networks and how our partners, like Compudopt, are solving the digital divide.  Wireless networks are fast enough to compete now with landline Internet, bringing speeds of 100 Mbps or more to the home thanks to new advancements such as 5G.

Terrence… our special thanks to you

It will take a lot of effort from a lot of people to solve the digital divide.  There is no single person, nor company, that can do it alone.  But sometimes we need a strong voice in the community to drive awareness to the problem and rally the community towards a common goal.  “In my personal interaction with Terrence Howard, I’ve found him to be much more than an actor and celebrity”, said Jeff Yee, Airwaive CEO.  “Terrence is an entrepreneur, with a unique appreciation for science and technology.  We’re incredibly grateful to have his support and share in his desire to make the world a better place.”

Thank you Terrence.



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