Monetize Your Rooftop + Provide Affordable Internet

From Wi-Fi to 5G, the wireless revolution is just getting started. As a property owner, the benefits are far-reaching – from passive income to affordable internet for your residents. In this post, we highlight important considerations and implications for both property owners and residents alike.

But before diving in, the driving force behind this wireless revolution is consumer demand for higher internet speeds. As a result, wireless internet providers are rushing to deploy even more wireless equipment, with estimates of 10x greater density compared to 4G. This is the reason why property owners should pay attention to this trend now and potentially capitalize on it in the months and years ahead.

Consideration #1: Profitability & Resident Satisfaction

Of all people, property owners understand passive income. With 5G technology and demand for higher internet speeds, tacking on another revenue stream by hosting wireless equipment on the roof seems to make sense. From our experience, property owners can expect to generate between hundreds to thousands of dollars each month. The variables include the number of subscribers in your building, as well as the number of neighboring households if you decide to widen the internet coverage area.

In addition to the boost in profits, there is also the opportunity to provide greater customer satisfaction to your residents. They will enjoy high-speed internet throughout the building and at affordable prices. Furthermore, many of our operators enable new account setups without the need to schedule an appointment for installation. Everything is done upfront to minimize site visits and disruptions to your business. Actually, that’s a net positive for both your property managers and residents.

An online marketplace puts property managers in the driver’s seat, providing access to multiple offers and providers.

Consideration #2: Visual Impact on Building

If you’re worried about a massive, unsightly tower taking over your roof, here’s some good news. Whereas 4G relies on “macro cells” (aka cell towers), 5G mostly relies on “micro cells” or “small cells” with a much smaller footprint.

Despite the smaller footprint, 5G has a wide range of frequencies, which means that some types of equipment are larger than others. Therefore, it’s important to get details about equipment size and the proposed placement on your property. If it doesn’t suit you, either walk away or negotiate a higher rate to make it more palatable. Or consider entering your properties into an online marketplace like Airwaive, which gives you access to multiple providers and offers. It’s not uncommon for popular sites to host equipment from different operators, thereby generating incremental revenue with limited impact on the aesthetics of their buildings.

From equipment, location, payments, timeline, and other terms, Airwaive’s online platform streamlines the entire process.

Consideration #3: Health Impact on Residents

Although electromagnetic radiation is not new, it still finds its way into the spotlight for potential health concerns. From radio to television to mobile phones, most electrical gadgets emit some amount of radiation. Although there are similarities in radiation between 4G and 5G, the range of 5G frequencies is much higher. It’s the higher frequencies of 5G, known as millimeter waves, that are in the spotlight of scientists and health researchers. Yet there is no conclusive evidence of any physical harm, including correlation with cancer. Furthermore, with a higher density of 5G small cells, the transmission power is lower than that of 4G. As a result, 5G may even have lower potential health risks than previous generations of wireless technology.

Higher frequencies enable higher 5G speeds, but their transmission power is reduced and regulated by the government to reduce harm.

Empowering Property Owners & Managers

As a property owner, you’re an expert in many things, but wireless is likely not one of them. As a result, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by carriers and internet service providers. With Airwaive’s online platform, property owners can simultaneously work with different operators, especially in high-demand markets. Furthermore, our online workflows automate traditionally manual and cumbersome tasks.

Therefore, if you’re looking for solutions that help level the playing field, Airwaive is here to help. We are empowering property owners around the world as we collectively help to bridge the digital divide. Check out our “Income Calculator” below or sign up to learn more about renting out your rooftop.

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