New 3D GIS Features

We’ve upgraded Airwaive’s Site Planner product with powerful 3D features that help a network operator visualize its network and wireless coverage.  These features have been added to Airwaive over the past few days and are now available to all operators.  Airwaive Site Planner is available at no cost to wireless operators.  To request access and receive a registration code, contact Airwaive online using our contact form

Here are some of the new features:

Detailed Building Information

Airwaive provides details on building and structures around the world.  Enter an address or the name of a city, pan and zoom around in 3D mode and then click on the structure to find more information about it. 

In 2D mode, Airwaive now summarizes addresses on its waitlist, with potential host locations to add a wireless access point or service.  Many of these waitlist addresses are fiber-ready.

Line of Sight Visualization and Distance Calculations

Site Planner now provides the ability to check line of sight from rooftop-to-rooftop between two structures and obtain a distance calculation.  This feature allows a network planner to determine if there are any obstacles in the path.  Using 3D mode, a user may pan around and view the transmission from multiple angles.  Distance calculations may be measured from rooftop-to-rooftop or by ground distance.

Airwaive 3D Line of Sight Visualization and Distance Calculation

Site Frequency Planner

Airwaive includes common frequencies used by mobile and fixed wireless operators.  Operators may use Airwaive to plan the ideal number sites needed to host access points for different frequencies in a desired coverage area.  Using Airwaive, a user selects the required frequency to be used in the coverage area.  Airwaive calculates the ideal distance (range) for the chosen frequency from a given access point and color codes buildings within range of the access point.  A user continues to select potential access points, ensuring that all buildings are within ideal range, until the area is completed covered.

Airwaive Frequency Range and Site Planner

Building Materials

Airwaive provides building materials, when available, by color coding buildings.  Glass, concrete, brick, steel, and stone structures are highlighted with different colors in 3D mode.  This feature is subject to the availability of building material data. 

Airwaive Building Materials Color Coded

There are more features yet to come, but we hope that you enjoy these powerful 3D features of Site Planner. Want to see it in action?  Check out the following video or schedule a demo with Airwaive.



October 11, 2021

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