Our New Airwaive Site

We’ve launched our new web site.  Now that we’ve filed our global patent, we’re able to share a bit more about what we’re working on.  But you’ll have to wait until 2021 to see the app.  Here are some hints: 

It’s Related to 5G

We believe in the future of wireless.  The real 5G.  When speeds reach gigabit speeds.  Not just for your phone, but for everything that is connected in your home or office to the Internet. 

It Helps Carriers Build Networks Faster

If you’re tired of waiting around for the promised speeds of 5G, you’re not alone.  It’s difficult to build the next generation of networks using the traditional planning model for cell sites.  It’s time for a radically new model. 

It’s Designed for You

Better coverage.  Faster speeds.  And an opportunity to earn revenue?  Hmmm… we can’t wait to share the details, but you’ll have to be patient.

Airwaive two-sided network

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  1. airwaive

    Woo hoo!


November 12, 2020

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