Over $150K in 5 Years!

Torrance CA - $150K over five years

Hosting wireless access points can be a great opportunity to earn passive income, but it is often difficult to find these opportunities from wireless operators, and even more difficult to navigate through contracts and understand the potential income that a property owner can make as an access point host.

We’ve simplified this process at Airwaive.  The headline is not misleading.  One lucky property owner in Torrance, California will have the opportunity to generate $2,500 per month, with annual increases, resulting in total income of more than $150K over five years.  If you’re in Torrance, click the button below to see the offer details.

To set expectations, not every offer across the world will generate $2,500 per month.  Depending on where you live and the type of equipment that you host, it could range from $100 to $4,000 per month.

Simplifying the Roles of the Wireless Broadband Ecosystem

Across the world, most people rely on wires, such as cable lines, for home and business Internet service.  With 5G, speeds are now fast enough to offer Internet service over wireless.  It’s wireless broadband.  And there are new roles in this ecosystem as wireless broadband grows.  Who is providing the service?  Where are the nearest access points?  How can I host an access point?  Do I need to purchase equipment?

We’ve simplified these questions and the critical roles in this ecosystem.  The key roles are the user, host and operator.  A user receives Internet service from a wireless operator.  The connection from the user to the operator needs a wireless access point, placed on property owned by a host.  And in some cases, the host may take on additional responsibilities and investments, and so we call them superhosts. 

To make it easy to understand your potential role in the ecosystem, and your potential income, we’ve created a wizard with a handful of questions that guide you through the process.


Millions of hosts are needed around the world as 5G expands and wireless broadband is introduced to every home and business.  For many property owners, it’s an opportunity to earn passive income.  Place a small piece of equipment on a rooftop or pole and get paid.  For property owners that want to take a more active role in building and marketing networks (superhosts), the reward can be even greater.  We’ll determine what level of participation makes sense for you and guide you through the path and project your potential income as a host.

Host wizard - potential income


For entrepreneurs that want to run a wireless broadband network, the potential income has no limits.  Decentralized wireless networks can be built and operated within a region, country or across the world.  It takes an investment and hard work, but it’s possible for individuals, small companies and local governments to build wireless networks to provide high-speed home and business Internet service.  We’ll estimate the required investment and your potential return over a 10-year period as an operator.  And when you’re ready to launch the service, we’ll help you through the steps to become a wireless Internet service provider.

Host wizard - potential income



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