Revenue Opportunities for Property Owners


Since the early days of wireless networks, property owners have been able to generate revenue from wireless operators who are willing to pay for the rights to use an owner’s land to host wireless radios.  Real estate is critical to build a network that has broad coverage.  Without access to key locations to host radios and base stations at these cell sites, gaps appear in wireless service and customers complain.

In the year 2000, the United States had roughly 100,000 cell sites.  By the year 2019, when 5G devices were launched for the first time, the United States had roughly 400,000 cell sites – thousands of locations where property owners are compensated for their land and help to build a critical network that millions of people enjoy every day.

With 5G, the number will grow into the millions of cell sites.  Why?  The new frequencies require densification of cell sites because of shorter ranges.  More sites need to be created to support both the range and the capacity expected for 5G.  The good news?  Thousands more, if not millions more, property owners have an opportunity to earn revenue.  And the better news?  Most of the equipment to be deployed will be small cell equipment that is in most cases smaller than a pizza box and can be placed on a rooftop or pole.  Much, much smaller and easier on the eyes than hundred-foot towers with antennas.  Phew!

How Much Can a Property Owner Make

How much revenue a property owner makes is dependent on a number of factors but the most important one is location.  Hosting a radio in a densely populated city pays more than a small town.  It may range from $100 per month to $2,000 per month. Property owners that work with multiple network operators find opportunities to double or triple this monthly income.  

The Airwaive Model

With millions of new small cell sites to be deployed, Airwaive’s marketplace automates many of the processes that were used to build earlier cell sites.  Now, property owners simply register to be notified when an operator offer is available at their location.  Offers are then presented on the web site and everything can be agreed upon in a few simple steps online.  And for the duration of the contract, Airwaive’s owner application is used for managing the radio equipment, for communication with the carrier and for handling payments from the carrier.

We’re making it as easy as possible for operators to deploy new cell sites and for property owners to generate income from this unique opportunity.

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April 2, 2021

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