Site Planner Launch

Today, we announce the general availability of Airwaive’s Site Planner product, a set of tools and resources for network operators to investigate building or planning a wireless network.  Site Planner can be used for any type of wireless network: broadband Internet, IoT or mobile.

A network operator is any company, non-profit organization or local government operating a wireless network.  Site Planner can be used by cities that are considering government funds to build municipal broadband networks.  It can be used by wireless ISPs to economically expand their existing networks.  And it can be used by mobile carriers that need to fill in coverage gaps due to new frequencies used for 5G. 

Airwaive Site Planner is an online resource at that includes helpful features such as:

  • City household data
  • Network biz case calculator
  • 2D and 3D GIS Maps
  • Wireless frequency range
  • Detailed building information
  • Potential site locations

And it’s Free!

Airwaive Site Planner is free to use for qualified network operators, up to 1,000 site queries per month (a unique site location lookup using the address bar or map).  No credit card information necessary.  Additional plans are available for operators that need a higher query limit or want to unlock additional features in Airwaive.  Plans are online at

Qualified network operators can register for Airwaive by obtaining a registration code from Airwaive (contact us for a code).

Automating Site Planning and Acquisition

Why did we build Airwaive?  Millions of new wireless access point sites are needed for the next generation of wireless (5G and IoT).  Hundreds of new wireless operators are going to leverage unlicensed wireless spectrum and build networks to bring wireless Internet to homes and businesses.  The traditional methods used to acquire sites and build access points will be difficult to scale for hundreds of new operators and millions of new sites.  A new method is needed. 

At Airwaive, we’ve automated many of the processes used to plan networks and acquire sites using a marketplace model.  The model lowers costs for operators to build and operate networks and it provides an opportunity for public and private property owners to earn income.  Airwaive’s Site Planner is the first step in the process of planning a network and determining site locations.

Airwaive Potential Sites

Airwaive contains a waitlist of millions of potential locations that are ready to host wireless access points.  These locations appear on the map in Site Planner.  Operators that use Airwaive to directly connect with property owners (hosts) simply enter their requirements into the marketplace and let Airwaive take care of the rest.  Property owners then receive emails or social media notifications of potential offers from operators.  It’s a new way to network. 

Airwaive Host App



September 14, 2021

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