An individual or organization with rights to install
wireless access points on a property

Airwaive Host App

Host Access Points. Get Paid.

Home and business owners. Host wireless access points on your property and earn monthly income.   

Connect with dozens of operators willing to pay

Checking for Offers

Finding wireless operators willing to pay you monthly to host access points is as simple as typing an address into Airwaive. If there are no current offers available, you may elect to put your property on a waitlist to be notified when an offer is available. 

Airwaive wireless network planning

Accept the offers you like, reject the ones you don’t

Lease Process

Entering your property information into Airwaive is non-binding and non-exclusive. You are in control. When offers are available, you decide if you want to work with the operator. If you agree, Airwaive walks you through the steps to create a lease agreement with the operator. It’s all online. 

Airwaive wireless network planning

Increase revenue working with multiple operators

Consolidated Payments

There’s no limit to the number of operators you can work with. Double your revenue by working with two operators. Triple it by working with three. You get the idea. Airwaive simplifies the process of working with multiple operators. We collect the revenue from all operators and pay you monthly.


Airwaive wireless network planning

Airwaive Hosts

Airwaive supports the following types of properties


Rights to operate equipment in a home or apartment


Rights to operate equipment in one or more business locations


Rights to operate equipment on towers and poles

Check an Address

Check if an operator has an offer to host a wireless access point at your location.
If there is no offer available, you may add your location to the waitlist.

Check Multiple Addresses

Enterprise customers with two or more locations may bulk upload addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn with Airwaive ?

Historically, hosting radio towers has provided revenue ranging from USD $100 to $4,000 per month. The value depends on location. Dense urban areas typically pay more than rural areas. You can increase revenue by hosting multiple operators or using multiple locations. To estimate your potential income, click here.

What is the variable income in an Airwaive offer ?

Operators may choose to add a variable component to your monthly income that depends on the number of connections or data usage each month.  You can help to increase connections and usage, and your own income, by helping to promote the operator using these widgets.

What do I need to do to be a Host ?

You must have rights to install wireless radio equipment at a specified location, which is typically the property owner. It may also require permits from the government. Hosts that meet this criteria then check Airwaive for operator offers, and if available, make a claim to operate equipment.

When will Airwaive be available in my location ?

Airwaive’s availability is dependent on operators providing an offer in a designated location.  If no offer is available for your location, you can add yourself to the waitlist to be notified when an operator has an offer.  You may also contact your operator and tell them that you have interest and to consider Airwaive.

What is a Superhost ?

A Superhost is a host that purchases equipment, runs local operations and may recruit new hosts to the network. They are ideal for brand operators that run a national network, but rely on local experts (Superhosts) to build, operate and market local networks.

How much can I earn as a Superhost ?

Your potential income is greater as a Superhost, compared to a Host, but it requires more time and investment. Operators will likely share a percentage of revenue for income generated in your local network. To estimate your potential income, click here.

How to I add my property to the Airwaive waitlist ?

To be notified of operator offers, add your address to the waitlist. If you have a single address, type the address here and follow the instructions to add to the waitlist.  If you have multiple addresses, follow the instructions here.

Is hosting a small cell dangerous ?

Airwaive supports small cell equipment that has been tested and approved by wireless carriers and governments. We do not allow equipment to be registered that has not been approved without this testing.

Do I need to purchase equipment ?

The answer depends on the operator offer. In some cases, hosts take on the responsibility of purchasing small cell equipment. In other cases, it is provided by the operator. Any costs are clearly presented in the operator offer.

Do I need to increase my wired Internet speed ?

Gateway cell hosts may need to increase Internet speed because the radio will be used by many subscribers in your area. The required speed is presented in your operator offer. Repeater cell hosts do not need to worry about increasing Internet speed.