Home and business owners. Host wireless access points on your property and earn monthly income. 

Airwaive Host App

What is a Host?

A person or entity with the rights to install wireless radio equipment on a property and operate it on behalf of a network operator 

airwaive home owner

Home Owner

Rights to operate equipment in a home or apartment

Business Owner

Rights to operate equipment in one or more business locations

Utility Company

Rights to operate equipment on utility poles and lines

Local Government

Rights to operate equipment in government-owned locations

Earn Income

Eligible hosts, when approved by operators, install and operate small cell radios that serve as access points for wireless devices. Airwaive pays hosts for this service, with payments reaching thousands of dollars per year (USD). Hosts may choose to work with multiple operators to increase income. Payment amounts are dependent on factors such as location, radio usage and type of equipment. There are two types that affect income:

Gateway Cells

requires that an owner has access to gigabit-speed wired Internet 

Repeater Cells

simple to set up and does not require gigabit-speed wired connections

Airwaive mesh networking

Check an Address for Offers

Check if an operator has an offer to host a wireless access point at your location.  If there is no offer available, you may add your address to the Airwaive waitlist and be notified when an offer becomes available. 


Have more than one address? Airwaive works with property management companies, fiber providers and other companies that have multiple addresses. To add multiple addresses to Airwaive to be notified of offers, follow these instructions.

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Host an Access Point

What’s required to host a wireless access point and earn income?

Claiming a Site

Operators register a cell sector in Airwaive, with a defined area that hosts may claim if they are within the area. Your property address is used to determine whether there is an operator offer for you. There are limitations on the number of hosts in a cell sector and the separation distance between hosts. If you meet all of the criteria and agree to the terms and conditions, then you may claim a site to install and operate a wireless access point.

After claiming a site, you install wireless radio equipment which becomes an access point to the operator’s network. This must be completed within an operator-specified number of days otherwise another host may take your claim.   

Operating a Small Cell

Upon receiving wireless radio small cell equipment, you (or a technician) will install it on your property. This radio becomes the access point for cellular devices in your area.  If you install a repeater cell, you simply need a good location for installation and power. If you install a gateway cell, you also need an Internet connection that meets the operator’s requirements for data speeds. As a result, gateway cell hosts are compensated more than repeater cell hosts.

After installation and registration on the network, you are eligible for payment. You may receive notifications from an operator to assist with physical tasks, such as adjusting the direction of an antenna, or increasing Internet speed. These notifications are sent as messages to you through the Airwaive platform. The Host App allows you to check on the status of the equipment at any time.

Getting Paid

Hosts that install and operate small cell equipment are paid monthly by Airwaive according to the terms and conditions of the operator offer. There may be a fixed monthly fee and also a variable monthly fee, where the latter is based on data usage of the small cell for a given month. This payment structure is meant to align both hosts and operators with the same goals. 

Payments are completely transparent. Before you register a claim, you are provided with terms and an estimated monthly payment amount. After you install and operate the equipment, you are provided detailed reports and payment summaries.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn with Airwaive ?

Historically, hosting radio towers has provided revenue ranging from USD $100 to $4,000 per month. The value depends on location. Dense urban areas typically pay more than rural areas. You can increase revenue by hosting multiple operators or using multiple locations.

What is the variable income in an Airwaive offer ?

Operators may choose to add a variable component to your monthly income that depends on the number of connections or data usage each month.  You can help to increase connections and usage, and your own income, by helping to promote the operator using these widgets.

What do I need to do to be an Host ?

You must have rights to install wireless radio equipment at a specified location, which is typically the property owner. It may also require permits from the government. Hosts that meet this criteria then check Airwaive for operator offers, and if available, make a claim to operate equipment.

When will Airwaive be available in my location ?

Airwaive’s availability is dependent on operators providing an offer in a designated location.  If no offer is available for your location, you can add yourself to the waitlist to be notified when an operator has an offer.  You may also contact your operator and tell them that you have interest and to consider Airwaive.

How to I add my property to the Airwaive waitlist ?

To be notified of operator offers, add your address to the waitlist. If you have a single address, type the address here and follow the instructions to add to the waitlist.  If you have multiple addresses, follow the instructions here.

Is hosting a small cell dangerous ?

Airwaive supports small cell equipment that has been tested and approved by wireless carriers and governments. We do not allow equipment to be registered that has not been approved without this testing.

Do I need to purchase equipment ?

The answer depends on the operator offer. In some cases, hosts take on the responsibility of purchasing small cell equipment. In other cases, it is provided by the operator. Any costs are clearly presented in the operator offer.

Do I need to increase my wired Internet speed ?

Gateway cell hosts may need to increase Internet speed because the radio will be used by many subscribers in your area. The required speed is presented in your operator offer. Repeater cell hosts do not need to worry about increasing Internet speed.