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If applicable, the cost to supply electricity each month
If applicable, the cost to provide Internet data each month
If applicable, the one-time cost to purchase equipment

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Host Income Calculator ?

Airwaive connects wireless operators with property owners that are able to passively “host” wireless access points. This calculator estimates how much Airwaive hosts can earn based on typical income and expenses. You may easily adjust assumptions for updated income estimates.

How much can I earn being an Airwaive host ?

Monthly income from hosting wireless equipment is based on several factors, the biggest contributing factor being location. For example, wireless operators tend to pay more for dense urban areas. Historically, wireless towers have paid anywhere between $100 to $4,000 per month.

What are fixed and variable payments ?

Fixed payments are regularly occurring payments each month, whereas variable payments may be added based on factors such as data usage and the number of connected devices. When hosts receive offers from operators, the details will be provided through the Airwaive Platform.

Will there be fixed or variable expenses ?

Each offer will have details about upfront and/or ongoing expenses. In some cases, the operator may pay a monthly bonus if you purchase the equipment upfront. Other expenses could include electricity and internet costs, which may or may not be covered by the operator.

Why do I have expenses ?

You may or may not have expenses. It depends on the offer from the operator. In some cases, you may be responsible for purchasing and installing equipment, Internet data or supplying electricity to the access point. In these cases, you will be compensated more from the operator. 

What does it take to become an operator ?

It doesn’t take much to start a small operator business. Plus the earnings potential is much higher than simply being a host. To learn more about becoming a wireless operator, visit our page for operators.

How to I become a host ?

It’s easy to sign up. Scroll up to Become a Host on this page and enter your address. If there are operator offers available, you can get started immediately. If there are no current offers, you can register for the waitlist and be notified by email when once becomes available.

Once I become a host, can I cancel at anytime ?

If you have not accepted an offer from an operator, you can remove yourself from the waitlist at anytime. And you do not have to accept offers from operators. It is your decision. But once you accept an offer from an operator to host a wireless access point, you are commitment to a contract.

This calculator is provided for estimation of host income and may not reflect actual net income due to taxes, fees, variable income and expenses and other unknowns.