Host Support


What is a host?

A host is an individual or organization with rights to install wireless access points at a specified location. In Airwaive, hosts generate recurring income from wireless operators that need properties to build their networks.

How much can I earn with Airwaive?

Historically, hosting wireless access points has ranged from USD $100 to $4000 per month. The value depends on the host’s location and the type of equipment that is installed. Try our calculator to estimate how much you can earn.

When will Airwaive be available in my location?

Airwaive’s availability is dependent on operators providing an offer in a designated location. We are currently expanding across the US and are making select announcements about additional countries. If no offer is available for your location, you can add yourself to the waitlist to be notified when an operator has an offer.

Is hosting wireless equipment dangerous?

Airwaive supports wireless equipment that has been tested and approved by wireless operators and governments.


How do I add my property to Airwaive?

For a single property address, go to our host homepage and follow the steps to check for an offer or be added to our waitlist. For hosts with multiple properties, create an account and follow the instructions here.

What types of properties can I add?

Airwaive supports nearly any type of structure that hosts wireless access points. From residential homes, to commercial buildings, to poles and towers. Buildings are added with a designated address. Other types of structures (towers, poles) are added as geopoints, defined by their latitude, longitude and height.

Can I upload a spreadsheet of properties?

Yes. We recommend the upload feature for any host with five or more properties. Create an account, go to Properties and then select the bulk upload feature in Add Properties. The template spreadsheet and further instructions can be found here.

What do I do if my address is not found?

Airwaive uses an address validation check when you enter your address. If you do not see your address listed, you can proceed by using a geopoint location (latitude, longitude). To do this, type the name of your property’s city into the address bar, not a complete address. You will be prompted to identify the property address on a map, to record the geopoint.

Do I need to have a high-speed Internet connection?

Maybe. It depends on the type of wireless equipment that the operator will use at your property. Some access points (repeaters) do not need a physical connection to the Internet. And in some cases, even when high-speed Internet is needed for the access point, the operator may supply the connection. If your Internet connectivity is required, it will be presented in the offer terms.


How do I find operator offers?

There are multiple ways to find offers from operators. If you are new to Airwaive, go here to enter an address and find if operators have an offer for your property location. If you have already loaded one or more properties into Airwaive, you can login to the Host application and check the Offers menu. If your property has a match, you will see instructions on the Offer page. If you have loaded your properties into Airwaive, and are on the waitlist, you will be notified by email when an operator creates a new offer that matches your property location.

What happens after I accept an offer?

When you accept an operator’s offer it goes into an application review process. The operator often reviews your property information and may contact you with requests for more information, or sometimes a request to see your property, before a decision is made. This process may take weeks, although we encourage a decision to be made within a month, if possible. You receive a notification from Airwaive when your application has been accepted or declined by the operator. If accepted, you are notified of the next steps in the contract process.

Are there any fees to use Airwaive?

No. There are no fees to sign up for Airwaive and market your properties to operators. Furthermore, when you receive an offer from an operator, what you see is what you get. The price that you are offered is what you are paid.

Can I negotiate an offer with the operator?

While it is possible to negotiate with the operator, it is discouraged. An operator’s offer may be sent to multiple host properties near your location. If another host accepts the price, then you will miss the opportunity. If the operator’s offer price does not meet market expectations and there are no hosts that are interested, the operator can increase the offer price in the following month.

What is a variable income offer?

Operators may choose to add a variable component to your monthly income that depends on the number of connections or data usage each month. You can help to increase connections and usage, and your own income, by helping to promote the operator using these widgets.

Do I have any additional costs to be a host?

Any costs that you incur as a host will be clearly presented in the offer or contract process. In many cases, there are no costs to host wireleless equipment on behalf of an operator. In some cases, you may be asked to provide electricity, or sometimes asked to purchase the equipment. Airwaive provides ROI calculators to help you make a decision to accept or reject the operator’s offer.


What equipment is installed on my property?

The equipment varies based on the operator. You will be provided equipment details in the operator’s offer, typically including pictures and specifications, to make your decision. If you have further questions about the equipment to be hosted at your property, you may engage with the operator and ask questions during the offer process.

Who installs the equipment?

It depends on the operator’s offer. If you are required to install equipment, you will be notified in the offer or contract process and will be provided with detailed instructions for installation. If the operator or their partner installs equipment, you will be contacted by the operator to coordinate a time for the installation.

Does the equipment use my electricity?

It depends on the operator’s offer. If you are required to provide electricity, you will be notified in the offer or contract process. Electric costs vary based on the type of equipment and your electric provider’s rate, but small cell wireless access points generally range from USD $10 to $25 per month.

Do I need to purchase equipment?

It depends on the operator’s offer. If you are required to purchase equipment, you will be notified in the offer process. Typically, hosts that purchase equipment earn greater rewards.


Is my contract with the operator or Airwaive?

You are establishing a contract directly between you and the operator. Airwaive is named as a party to the agreement for the purposes of collecting and remitting payments. For more information on payments, visit our Terms of Services.

Can I use my contract instead of the operator's?

In some cases, yes, you may use your contract instead of the operator’s contract. The operator must agree to your contract and upload it into Airwaive to be processed.

How does Airwaive process contracts?

After you have applied for an offer, and the operator has accepted your property, you will be sent a notification to execute an online contract. After you electronically sign the contract the operator is requested to sign. Once both parties have executed the contract the final version is stored in your Airwaive account and payments are made according to the contract.

How do I download signed contracts?

Login to Airwaive, and proceed to the Contracts menu option to view and store your executed contracts with operators.


When do I get paid?

As a Host, you will be paid monthly according to the terms of the agreement executed between you and the operator, by the 7th day of each calendar month, following the month in which the fee has been collected by Airwaive from the operator.

Can I add a user to my account?

Airwaive does not currently support host accounts with multiple users. However, you can assign different users to be notified of offers based on each property in an account (referred to as contacts). Go to your properties and edit contacts to change the user that is notified of an offer.


Can I add a user to my account?

Airwaive does not currently support host accounts with multiple users. However, you can assign different users to be notified of offers based on each property in an account (referred to as contacts). Go to your properties and edit contacts to change the user that is notified of an offer.

How do I reset my password?

If you have an account, but are not able to log in because you have forgotten your password, go here. If you are logged in and want to change your password, go to the Account menu.