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Let your neighbors know that you can save them money

It’s easy to spread the word to let your neighbors know that you now host a wireless access point. Choose Sites to place HTML widgets on your web site.  Choose Social to post an announcement in your feed. Choose Simple to share a URL.  

For web site owners, the following HTML widget can be placed on any web site and linked to Airwaive 

Save Money on Wireless and Broadband
Looking for fast, wireless Internet? Check for access points near you:

Post a notification to your social media feed to inform family, friends and neighbors

Airwave Subscribers

Subscribers - Airwaive

Save money on wireless. Whether it's your mobile phone or your home or business Internet. Go wireless and save!

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Show Instructions

Copy the URL into emails, comments, and social posts along with your text introduction

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I modify the HTML widget ?

Yes, absolutely. Customize the size, color and text to your desire when placing on your web site or any third party site. You are free to modify any CSS or any text in the widget to customized for your site.

Can I modify the social posts ?

You can add your own introduction or comment to a social post, but the featured image and page title is often retrieved by the social platform and cannot be modified.