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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PM-WANI?

Launched in India, the acroynm stands for Prime Minister – Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (WANI). Anyone and everyone can start their own business and make money building and managing wireless networks. Go to the official PM-WANI Central Registry for more information.

How does Airwaive Support PM-WANI?

Airwaive is a marketplace designed for wireless operators to find host properties.  This is the equivalent of PDOAs (operators) discovering and managing PDOs (hosts) in the PM-WANI scheme.  Airwaive supports revenue share contracts between PDOAs and PDOs, and supports the purchase of equipment by PDOs.

Why should a PDO use Airwaive?

PDOs have the opportunity to generate more revenue – from PM-WANI and from other wireless operators that are willing to pay for access to properties. When PDOs (hosts) join Airwaive, they list their properties in a marketplace for any type of wireless operator: PM-WANI, Mobile and IoT Providers.

Why should a PDOA use Airwaive?

The Airwaive marketplace makes it simple to discover and manage host PDOs (hosts) with an intuitive, online interface.  Furthermore, Airwaive assists PDOs with equipment purchases, making it easier and faster to build your network.