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1) Pricing is per user per month.
2) Users limited to 10,000 queries per month (a query is a request for a data set) 


The Operator app is used to plan and operate networks. Key features include:

Network Planner

Airwaive provides tools that assist an operator with network and site planning for wireless networks:

  • 3D GIS maps with building info
  • Coverage area by frequency
  • Line of sight analysis

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Site Acquisition

Airwaive fully automates the site acquisition process – a marketplace connecting operators and hosts:

  • Create offers to attract hosts
  • Hosts find offers and apply
  • Contracts are executed online

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Host Messaging

Operators and hosts may communicate with each other using Airwaive’s messaging platform to:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Assign tasks
  • Answer questions

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Visualize (AI)

Utilizing generative artificial intelligence, productivity is greatly enhanced with these tools:

  • Natural language queries for data
  • Voice commands to control maps
  • An AI that answers any question

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Real 3D

See towers and buildings in realistic 3D, with ability to see available space or envision equipment:

  • Realistic 3D photography
  • Zoom into towers and buildings
  • Pan around to see surrounding area

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Public Data Search

In addition to Airwaive hosts, search publicly known data of existing wireless sites to be used for:

  • Site acquisition
  • Competitive analysis
  • Wireless coverage estimation

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Online Contracts

Operators define online contracts that are dynamically populated with offer information:

  • Fixed and variable amounts
  • Annual increases
  • Adjustable term lengths

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Site Management

Operators can manage their existing sites in Airwaive to streamline host management:

  • Upload sites by spreadsheet
  • Utilize Visualize AI to manage
  • Broadcast messages to hosts


Site Marketing

Operators may utilize Airwaive features that attract potential customers to an operator’s service, including:

  • Geolocation to nearest site
  • Estimated wireless coverage
  • Widgets for social and web sites

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