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1) A site query is a unique address lookup using search fields or mapping tools
2) Unlimited use of Network Planner requires host payments using Airwaive 


The Operator app is used to plan and operate networks. Key features include:

Network Planner

Airwaive provides tools that assist an operator with network and site planning for wireless networks:

  • 3D GIS maps with building info
  • Coverage area by frequency
  • Line of sight analysis

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Site Acquisition

Airwaive fully automates the site acquisition process – a marketplace connecting operators and hosts:

  • Create offers to attract hosts
  • Hosts find offers and apply
  • Contracts are executed online

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Site Marketing

Operators may utilize Airwaive features that attract potential customers to an operator’s service, including:

  • Geolocation to nearest site
  • Estimated wireless coverage
  • Widgets for social and web sites

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Equipment Packages

Operators define equipment packages that will be installed at host locations, supporting various types and models:

  • Gateways (wireline backhaul)
  • Repeater (wireless backhaul)
  • Operator or host purchased

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Contract Manager

Operators define online contracts that are dynamically populated with offer information:

  • Fixed and variable amounts
  • Annual increases
  • Adjustable term lengths

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Decentralized Wireless Networks

Airwaive includes options for operators to leverage hosts to build decentralized wireless networks:

  • Host-purchased equipment
  • Variable reward incentives
  • Enforcement of host separation

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Messaging Platform

Operators and hosts may communicate with each other using Airwaive’s messaging platform to:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Assign tasks
  • Answer questions

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Settlement System

Operators receive a single invoice, itemized with all hosts managed by Airwaive.  Airwaive handles:

  • Calculations of variable payments
  • Calculations of SLA deductions
  • Automated payments to all hosts

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Business Case Calculator

Airwaive includes a business case calculator for financial planning of wireless networks:

  • 10 year income and expense plan
  • Estimated ROI and break even
  • Adjustable assumptions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Airwaive?

Airwaive is a marketplace connecting wireless operators with host properties and services to build and manage networks.

How much does it cost to use Airwaive?

Airwaive is free to use by operators who build and manage networks utilizing Airwaive hosts. We generate our revenue from host leasing agreements when there is a successful match between an operator and host. There is an option for a premium service for operators that only utilize Airwaive’s planning features, as explained here.

How are Site Planner and Manager different?

Site Planner is used by operators to plan a network. This can be helpful when an ISP is just starting, applying for funding, or is not ready to engage with host properties yet. Site Manager includes all of the Site Planner features and much more. It is used to find and manage host properties to build a network. We also have tools for marketing your sites too, called Site Marketer.

How do I sign up for Airwaive?

If you are an organization that is building a network of wireless access points, including ISPs, mobile carriers or IoT service providers, contact Airwaive to receive a registration code. Once you have a registration code, go here to register.