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Earn Monthly Income as a Host

We’re building the next generation of wireless across the US and we’re looking for property owners to host access points and earn income.

Equipment Proposal

Wireless access point equipment to be installed at your property


A Kathrein 8-Port antenna will be placed on a non-penetrating rooftop mount. Requires 104 1/32″ x 120 3/32″ space on roof and 12 foot height for antenna. Also 54.5″ x 63″space on roof for ancillary equipment.


8-Port Antenna 2LB/2HB 8ft 65°

Roof Mount

Tripod for Antenna: 104 1/32″ x 120 3/32″ footprint

Ancillary equipment: 54.5″ x 63″ footprint


Equipment Rack

Requires interior 6 x 9-foot space with 8-foot height.

Sign Up and Earn

Check for availability in your area and sign up.

What happens next?

After signing up to be a host…

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The operator reviews your application and validates your location. You will be notified by Airwaive once accepted.
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Equipment Installation

Instructions to acquire equipment, or schedule a technician, are arranged between you and the operator
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Live Network

You're live! If you are a Superhost, you can begin marketing the network to increase your earnings.