providing technology access to under-resourced youth

Earn Monthly Income as a Host

At Compudopt, we’re building wireless networks to provide underserved communities with free computers and Internet access.  Help us build networks and earn monthly income.

$450 per month

To host wireless access points (see equipment)

Dallas, Texas

We are currently looking for properties in Southeast Dallas.

Check your address for eligibility:

Equipment Proposal

Wireless access point equipment to be installed at your property


4 Airspan 1030 radios + 1 E-Band radio + 2 Alpha power supply boxes


Airspan 1030

The AirSpeed 1030 is part of Airspan’s carrier-class, LTE small cell, eNodeB family. It is a high powered Pico class product with integrated dual sector front mount smart beam antennas that provides high-speed data, mobility, Voice over LTE, and broadcast/multicast services in order to meet the demands of the LTE fixed and Mobile Carriers


An E-Band radio is used for wireless backhaul to transport data to a fiber-ready site connected to the Internet.  This allows a building to be a repeater, creating a mesh network.


Alpha FlexNet FMPS

Two power supply units are connected to the radios, which also serve as temporary backup power.

Estimated Electrical Costs

You are responsible for electrical costs. Estimated monthly costs are between $10 – $25, depending on usage.

Sign Up and Earn

Check for availability in your area and sign up.

What happens next?

After signing up to be a host…

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The operator reviews your application and validates your location. You will be notified by Airwaive once accepted.
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Equipment Installation

Instructions to acquire equipment, or schedule a technician, are arranged between you and the operator
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Live Network

You're live! If you are a Superhost, you can begin marketing the network to increase your earnings.