Become a Helium 5G Host 

Owners earn income hosting wireless access points

Earn 5G MOBILE Tokens

Build 5G networks and earn Helium tokens. When you partner with Helium Deploy, you only need to provide the property (typically a roof) and an Internet connection. Helium Deploy provides the equipment and installation. Airwaive handles the transfer of tokens or funds for the compensation of your property.

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Equipment Proposal

Two options for installation. The Baicells 436 offers greater potential rewards than the Baicells 430, but with a difference in size and cost. 


Primary Hardware
Gateway: 1 x FreedomFi Helium 5G Gateway
Radio: 1 x Baicells 436H
Antennas: 1 KP Performance KP-3SX4-90 Panel Antenna (or similar as suitable for site)
Frequency: 3.55 – 3.7 Ghz
Power Consumption Gateway: 10W (average), 20W (peak)
Radio:  60W (average), 100W (peak)
Power One Single-Phase 120VAC power outlet required, 15 amp circuit (note, multiple outlets and higher amperage circuits may be required for multiple node deployments, depending on site characteristics.
Max Tx Power 30 dBm/Antenna
Networking and Data Usage

•Fiber handoffs preferred, but possible to utilize copper 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port depending on deployment.

•Required network speed:  minimum 200Mbps (down) / 20Mbps (up) and latency <50ms

•Monthly data usage: Minimum 100Gb/mo., up to multi-Tb data volume depending on usage

Dimensions •Overall dimensions – 35″ x 35″ x 85″ (approximate total volume as/when mounted on non-penetrating roof mount

Total weight: Up to 220 lbs

– eNB: 12.5lbs

– Antenna: 20-25lb each

– Four anchor weights, 16 in. L x 8 in. W x 8 in. H each weighing up to 40lbs

– Mounted weather rated equipment enclosure, cabling, access gateway: 25lbs

Device Baicells Nova 430
Frequency 3.55 – 3.7 GHz
Peak Power Consumption

Gateway: 20W

eNB: 25W

Average Power Consumption

Gateway: 10W

eNB: 20W


One Single-Phase 120VAC power outlet required, 15 amp circuit.

Gateway: 802.3at or 12VDC.

eNB: PoE++ 48V (802.3bt standard)

Max TX Power 24 dBm (250mW x 4 antenna)
Monthly Data Usage

Requires a copper 100/1000 Mbps ethernet port handoff. Fiber handoffs can also be utilized if required by the site.

Minimum 100Gb, up to multiple TB data volume depending on utilization per month.

eNB Overall Dimensions 12.2’’ x 8.9’’ x 4.1’’
Assembly Weight

Mounted weather rated equipment enclosure, cabling, access gateway: 25lbs (11kg)

eNB: 10.7lb (4.85kg)

After Applying to be a Host

After registering to be an Airwaive host, the following are the next steps by the operator:

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The operator reviews your application and validates your location. You will be notified by Airwaive once accepted.
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Equipment Installation

Instructions to acquire equipment, or schedule a technician, are arranged between you and the operator
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Live Network

You're live! If you are a Superhost, you can begin marketing the network to increase your earnings.