Executing Host Contracts with Airwaive

Airwaive simplifies the process of establishing contracts between an operator and host, allowing them to be executed online. This guide discusses potential changes to contracts and how to upload them to work with the Airwaive platform. A few important notes:

  • It is your contract, between you and the host, with changes necessary to work with Airwaive.
  • You may upload multiple contracts, used for different hosts, regions or languages.
  • You may upload the host’s preferred contract for execution, if necessary.

You are building and executing an online contract

Airwaive executes contracts online, integrating with HelloSign (a Dropbox company) to record and store contracts.
The contract is between the Operator and Host, with Airwaive named as a limited collection agent.

Contract Structure

With Airwaive, you will upload a PDF of your terms and conditions. Then, an online contract will be created that is unique to each host, completing details of the agreed upon offer.  The final structure of a host contract contains the following:

1. Preamble
2. Terms and Conditions
3. Offer Terms and Signature Block


By default, Airwaive’s preamble is added to the beginning of the contract.  You may choose to override the default preamble and use your own preamble, however, it must be reviewed by Airwaive before you can enter into a contract with a host (it must include the relevant points of the Airwaive preamble).  The purpose of the Airwaive preamble is to:

  1. Refer to the Airwaive terms of services, which includes definitions that may not be in the operator’s terms
  2. Name Airwaive as a limited collection agent on behalf of the host for payments

Airwaive Preamble

An example of the preamble added to contracts for an example operator (Hooli Mobile). Click here to download the  complete Airwaive preamble.

You may need to modify your preamble

Operator contracts may have a preamble that needs to be adjusted to work with Airwaive and online execution. For example, there should not be editable fields (such as effective date). Airwaive’s preamble has already resolved these issues, amongst other necessary changes. You may remove sections of your preamble and click the “Add Airwaive preamable” checkbox when uploading your terms.  If you need to use your preamble, contact Airwaive to review your terms and conditions which will need to include relevant terms to use Airwaive.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions can be anything you want. Example terms could be the process for installation, the ability to access the property for maintenance, your requests for power, etc. However, if you are using an existing contract designed for offline execution, you will likely need to make the following changes (other than preamble discussed above):

  1. Do not include any clauses that need to be edited.See Removing Editable Clauses below for details.
  2. Use Airwaive defined terms where possible. See Airwaive definitions below for details.
Removing Editable Clauses

Airwaive automatically inserts data captured from the platform, which may be unique for a host. This information is populated in the appendix for an Offer. As a result, it should not be in the main body of the agreement as a host will not be able to edit it.  The following are common clauses to remove, or refer to Offer appendix:

  • Property information – the platform will auto-insert host and property information in the Offer section
  • Price – the platform will auto-insert the price (fee) that you offer to the host
  • Contract term – the platform will auto-insert the contract term length you offer to the host
  • Annual increases – the platform will auto-insert annual price increases you offer the host
  • Equipment – the platform will auto-insert equipment information you present to the host
  • Payment terms – leave blank to avoid conflict as Airwaive acts as your payment collection agent


Airwaive Definitions

It is often necessary to refer to terms that have been moved to the Offer appendix in the main body of the agreement. For example, while the property address has been moved to the appendix, it may be necessary to refer to it as the Property in other terms and conditions. The following are defined Airwaive terms, from the preamble, or association to the Airwaive Terms of Services that may be used.  You may also link your definitions to Airwaive’s definitions as necessary (for example, if you refer to it as Location, you can define Location as Property).

The following are Airwaive defined terms that may be used:

  • “Property” – defined as the property address that will host equipment (from Airwaive’s Terms of Services)
  • “Equipment” – defined as the equipment that will be hosted at Property (from Airwaive’s Terms of Services)
  • “Offer” – defined as the proposal and requirements to the host (from Airwaive’s Terms of Services)
  • “Term” – defined as the term of the contract (from Airwaive’s Terms of Services)
  • “Fee” – defined as the payment amount from operator to host (from Airwaive’s Terms of Services)
  • “Payment Terms” – defining the payment process  (from Airwaive’s preamble and referring to the Terms of Services)
  • “Operator” – defined as the operator executing the contract (from Airwaive’s preamble)
  • “You” – defined as the host executing the contract (from Airwaive’s preamble)
  • “Parties” – defined as both operator and host (from Airwaive’s preamble)
  • “Agreement” – defined as the contract between operator and host  (from Airwaive’s preamble)
  • “Effective Date” – defined as the date of the agreement determined based on signature  (from Airwaive’s preamble)


    Your Terms and Conditions

    You will upload a PDF of your terms and conditions which go in this section

    Upload your PDF

    This is the only section that always requires action from an operator. Before uploading a PDF in Airwaive, please read this section and make any necessary changes to terms and conditions. To upload, login to Airwaive and select Contracts. If you would like an example contract for terms and condition, please contact Airwaive.

    Offer and Signature

    All dynamic information is automatically inserted into the Offer appendix.  This includes host payment terms (price, duration, annual increases), equipment information and property information.  This information is created by the operator, and can be changed by the operator, at any time before the contract is executed.

    Contracts are executed online in the Airwaive platform via an integration with HelloSign.

    Offer Appendix

    An example of the offer details, automatically populated in the Offer appendix based on information populated by the operator in the Airwaive platform.

    Signature Block

    An example of the signature block which is executed electronically by both parties.

    Contracts are signed online

    When a host is accepted in Airwaive, they are sent an electronic copy of contract and sign online. Following the host’s e-signature, you (the operator) receive a notification and also e-sign. A fully executed contract is created and stored, including electronic timestamps of each signer. The contract can be downloaded from Airwaive.

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