Adding Equipment for Host Offers

Airwaive presents the equipment that will be installed and maintained at host properties. Information that is collected may be based upon your settings and business model.  Some of the features in Airwaive include:

  • Presentation of equipment images, specifications and other requirements necessary for a host to make a decision.
  • Capturing final equipment details for the contract between operator and host.
  • Depending on business model type, Airwaive may coordinate the host’s purchase of equipment or the installation of equipment.
  • Depending on business model type, Airwaive may monitor equipment for host variable compensation.

You are selling the offer and convincing the host!

A host’s decision to accept an offer to host your equipment is often based on their potential income and the equipment size/weight/requirements. This is your opportunity to “sell” the reason why the host should work with you. Airwaive provides you with the ability to show images and details of equipment to present to hosts.

Equipment Options

In Airwaive, the Equipment menu allows you to view equipment that you have configured in Airwaive. You may upload multiple equipment packages, that may be used for different types of networks, or for different regions.  However, you will only choose one equipment package for each host Offer.

When you choose Add New Equipment, you will find a number of data fields to populate:

1. Standard Equipment Fields
2. Condition Equipment Fields
3. Images


    Standard Equipment Fields

    The following are the standard fields that should be completed in Airwaive. Some of these fields are optional, but highly advised. Offers with more detail about equipment are more likely to convince a host to accept an offer, and are often faster to close.

    • Equipment Name (required) – A one-line summary of the equipment package. It should clearly summarize the entire package.
    • Equipment Description (required) – A multi-line description with more details of the package. It should answer questions like size, weight, power consumption and other common things the host would want to know to make a decision.  Note: description is limited in text characters and so there is an opportunity to link to equipment specifications and additional information.
    • Equipment Specifications (optional) – Enter a URL. A link to specifications (web page or PDF) with details of the proposed equipment.
    • Additional Information (optional) – Enter a URL. A link to an additional web page that provides more information than what is available in the Description field. This could be additional pictures, installation instructions, or anything you want.
    • Equipment Type (required) – Two options for type of equipment:
      • Gateway – Select this choice if the equipment needs a physical connection to the Internet (e.g. fiber).
      • Repeater – Select this choice if the equipment does not need a physical connection to the Internet.

    Host View of Equipment Details

    How the host sees the equipment information in the offer process

    Conditional Equipment Fields

    The following are the conditional fields that are required based on other settings. They may not be required in all cases.

    • Internet Speed – If the equipment type is Gateway, you may choose to set a minimum Internet speed required to host the equipment. This is not shown to the host, but Airwaive will determine a match based on a host’s Internet speed to determine qualification.
    • Price – If the business model is chosen for the Host to purchase equipment (under Settings in Airwaive), then price is required to display to the host.  They do not make a purchase of the equipment until after their application has been approved and a lease agreement is executed.
    • Power Consumption – If the host pays for power, communicating the average power consumption (in watts) is important for the host to understand their potential costs.  

    Host View of Equipment Details - with Price

    When you select the business model setting to have the host purchase equipment, they are notified of the price on the equipment page.


    Hosts care about the appearance of their property and are interested to see visuals of equipment and previous installations.  Upload images of equipment to display to the user. For additional images, designs or videos that are not supported by Airwaive, use the Additional Information field to link to a page that can display more information.  The following is an example of how the host sees an image of the equipment in Airwaive.

    Host View of Equipment - Product Image

    An example of an image file uploaded to Airwaive, appearing in the equipment page of the Offer to the host.

    Need More Space?

    The equipment page in the host offer is optimized for mobile devices, because we have learned that the majority of the time hosts are receiving offers and accepting them from phones. While it is important to supply the host with as much detail as possible, you should be concise with the information that appears on the page (equipment name and description). Utilize the view Additional Information link by creating pages that provide more detail.

    Video Tutorial