Earn Income.

Become a Starry Host.

For demonstration only for Starry. Not an active offer.

Step 1

Select a business model


No investment required
Lower revenue share


Investment required
Higher revenue share

Step 2

Estimate your earnings

Estimate the number of potential subscribers of this Internet service within wireless range
Estimate the percentage of subscribers that will adopt this Internet service

Estimated Equipment

Quantity Price
Network Core
Rooftop Mounts
Backhaul Radios
Smallcell Radios
Annual Revenue:
Equipment Investment:

Step 3

Check for availability in your area and sign up.

For demonstration only for Starry. Not an active offer.

What happens next?

After signing up to be a host…

Empty Date


The operator reviews your application and validates your location. You will be notified by Airwaive once accepted.
Empty Date

Equipment Installation

Instructions to acquire equipment, or schedule a technician, are arranged between you and the operator
Empty Date

Live Network

You're live! If you are a Superhost, you can begin marketing the network to increase your earnings.