Operators and hosts need support from ecosystem partners to build a network. Airwaive provides partners with:

A marketplace to list partner's products and services

A notification system for new partner opportunities

A smart contract platform to validate transactions

What types of Partners are Needed?

It takes a village to build a network. From the point when an operator makes a decision to build a network to the point when a wireless access point is installed at a host location, there are many tasks that need to be completed. The Airwaive Partner marketplace supports multiple types of partners, products, services and contract models.

Small Cell Life Cycle Partners

Finance Partner

Operators that need external financing to build networks seek support from financial partners 

Spectrum Owner

Operators that need access to licensed wireless frequencies may seek to partner for rights

Internet Provider

Operators and hosts that need access to the Internet (backhaul) may seek ISP partners 

Equipment OEM

Operators selecting small cell radio and CPE equipment may seek equipment partnerships

Software Solution

Operators selecting network, billing and operational support software seek software partners

Engineering Service

Operators or hosts that need permitting, installation and maintenance services

How does Airwaive Provide Value?

We reduce the complexity of partner discovery, contracts and payments between parties in the wireless ecosystem by utilizing a marketplace platform with smart contracts.   


Airwaive Partners are listed in the Marketplace for discovery from Operators and Hosts that need a partner’s product or service. Triggers within the Operator and Host apps display a partner’s offering at the appropriate step in the process when a cell is created or claimed.

Smart Contracts

Airwaive utilizes smart contracts, which are automated, digital agreements between two parties that can be validated by Airwaive’s platform. Airwaive detects network installation, activation and usage data to validate and confirm transactions between parties in the marketplace.

Airwaive - Infrastructure Partners

Our Partner Network

Jobs created by 5G

According to a Qualcomm 5G Economy Study, 22.3M jobs will be created by 5G. The timing is perfect for some of these jobs to be home and business owners operating radio access points. 5G small cell hardware is now affordable and easy to operate. And with the new IAB protocol for wireless backhaul, many of these homes will not need wired backhaul.

Become a Partner

Contact us to be added to the Airwaive Marketplace as an ecosystem partner. In the message, please describe your products and or services and the geographies in which your company operates.