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Tip: Pan around, zoom and use the mouse controls to view the map from different angles. See the FAQs at the bottom of this page for help.

What do the colors represent?

  • Green – Your building is in range of the wireless access point.
  • Yellow – Your building may be in range of the access point. Check with the service provider for details.
  • Red – Your building is likely out of range of the access point. Check with the service provider for details.
  • Black – Your building is out of range.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I zoom and pan in the map ?

Click on the “?” icon in the top right of the map for details on how to control the map. 

What do the colors mean on the map ?

Buildings may be color coded green, yellow, red or black based on the range of the building from the wireless access point. Green is within the zone of good wireless coverage. Yellow may have good coverage. Red is further from the access point and may have coverage issues. Black is typically out of range from the access point. This is for general guidance only and may depend on a number of factors to determine actual coverage.

What are the pins and can I change their location ?

The location icon pin is the placement of the nearest wireless access point. The house icon pin is the building receiving coverage from the access point. To change the location icon pin, left-click on a building. To change the house icon pin, right-click on a building. 

What is the frequency menu option ?

Operators use different wireless frequencies to provide service. The frequency determines the range of coverage. Selecting a different frequency changes the colors of the buildings to estimate wireless coverage from an access point. Actualy coverage may depend on different factors.