Operator: Support

It’s simple to become a wireless operator. Operators that handle end-to-end management of the network and customer relationship have full control over their business and costs. There is also an alternative partner model, if you’d like a partner to take on some of this work.

Are you willing to do customer support and billing?


Operator Model Partner Model
Your brand Partner’s brand
You provide support Partner provides support
You handle billing Partner handles billing
You pay network fees Partner pays network fees
100% of revenue to you % of revenue to you

Why do we ask this question?

Becoming a full-service operator can be an exciting business venture. As with any business, it comes with overhead costs and management, but offers great income opportunities. Alternatively, we can pair you with a partner to lower the capital expenditure and risks. By working with a partner, you can focus on building the network and acquiring customers in your local area. Note: in both models, you are responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining the wireless access points.